What to do with Vintage Chinese Silk Screen Panels

Ive just purchased these gorgeous panels out of an old Chinese room screen. I wanted something different for above my bed.

I just loved the colours in them. This could easily be done with any fabric you fall in love with. Or even an old piece of beautiful vintage wallpaper glued on to a board would look great.

I like to have different things on the walls. It always makes a room look more eclectic and interesting.

Antique furniture can look so much better in a room well decorated with a twist of something different.

That’s why I love Vintage French Furniture so much they  were not afraid to be different and use colour, especially all those lovely pale blues, pinks and greens.

When you find something unusual you can almost decorate a whole room around it. That’s how I find most of my inspiration when designing something new…go shopping. A must when needing new ideas. Or visit art galleries and heritage homes. You will be amazed at what ideas will come to mind. I call it a creative date with myself.