School Antiques Find - Junk or Treasure

On Saturday morning there was no sleep in for anyone in my household.It was my daughter's school fair. Two eager little faces (Luke and Sophie) bursting to spend their money. To seek out treasures eat lots of candy floss and have fun.

A wonderful treasure I did find. My beautiful Dresden ballerina, she is so damaged and broken with several bad attempts at putting poor ballerina back together again.

Despite this I placed her next to on my other french antiques. I just fell in love with her broken or not. I will keep her, treasure her and be inspired by her. Sophie found lots wonderful clothes being the up and coming vintage clothes guru she is. School fairs are lots of fun and there is always a treasure to find, just as opportunity shops are. Opportunity being the operative word. You have to have your eyes open for every opportunity to present itself. You may not find a quality piece of french furniture, but things such as chandelier frames are common.

I love looking at these pieces and imagining where they have been? Who's house they graced and what stories they could tell. If only a vase could speak.

New Zealand Fashion Week - "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel

Fashion week in Auckland has been alive and well in this unfortunate weather. I have had the privilege to View several shows, all with very different styles. I arrived at the first event in blustering winds, forcing me to leave my well groomed hair in the car. I was then immersed in the World of Haute Couture, watching Walk the Line by North Shore YMCA.

This Show was created by young designers, it provides an opportunity for young Designers, aged 13 -18 years, to show their talent. Talent there certainly was. My favourite dress out of the four shows I viewed was from this one. Unfortunately the judges were not of the same opinion.

I think this is absolutely gorgeous. It reminded of the beautiful Valentino dress in my last blog.

The very attractive girl modeling it was the  designer, Narelle Melissa, an exciting name I'm sure we’ll catch up with in future magazines.

Nicole Miller was another favourite.  An American Designer, who completed a degree in Fine Art at the Rhode Island School of Design and also earned a degree at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, where Nicole trained to drape and maser the classical techniques of Couture.

Annah Stretton is also inspiring. A definite temptation to shop.

Just as a beautiful chandelier will enhance your French Furniture so will shoes to a beautiful outfit. What better way to display them than in this gorgeous cabinet?