My Special Escape

It's been a few years since my last blog. Coming out of a bad relationship and then a six month fling with a Frenchman that turned out had his boots in many a bedroom has taken its toll. So I went into hibernation. Looking back a lot of blessings have come to fruition as a result. I finished my Interior Design Diploma, created a beautiful escape and won an award. We all need time out but how many actually take it. And when we do why does guilt kick in? It's a bizarre thing guilt. Is it a sin to nuture oneself, to put yourself first? Hmmm or is it ingrained in us from society? Well for whatever reason it does make it hard to just take that time for you and only you. I decided to create a special escape for myself in my barn. I needed my very own space to be alone and spend time with me. It started as an experiement as an office, then went to a whole new level, becoming a much larger project. A dream really. One I have had on my vision board forever. A parisian boudoir. If I can't live in Paris (yet) then I will pretend here in Beach Haven.

The planning was first. Lots of internet searching for the right materials. Finding the right person to build it and doing it in a budget.

I was so excited when it started to take form. My kids helped me paint it. We had a lot of fun creating it and now all share it for a place to escape. It became my boudoir. The office will have to come later :-)

I can remember my first night in my beautiful boudoir. The feelings of guilt that I wasn't in the house with my kids. I was only 4 meters away but it felt like I had deserted them. They are well and truly old enough and to be honest they were very happy to have the house to themselves. But I as a mother felt guilty. Isn't it funny how we are so attached, when really it's very good for all of us. They have their independence and I have have my space. I am over the guilt now of course and love my sanctuary.

The last thing I did was decide to enter into the New Zealand House and Garden Interior of The Year Awards.

I was so excited to get into the finals, not for a second thinking I would win. I went to the awards with my two children (the helpers of my room) and won The Best Bedroom of The Year!

The colour is Kristen Pink by British Paints. The beautiful cornices and ceiling roses are from Seddon's in Dunedin. They have an amazing range of stunning plaster works.

If you would like me to design your beautiful boudoir feel free to contact me.

If you need a good builder, electrician and tiler contact Rowan Alexander on 021 08253425.