Paris Antique Shopping Trips

Hope the smell of spring has lifted the mood after a few cold wet weeks. It feels like forever since I’ve blogged. Life has been busy, building a house and traveling to get my next business project sorted out. It does take time to get the right contacts and fine details in place. I have had this in mind for several years so I hope it gets you excited.

Paris Antique Shopping tours. From Marché aux Puces de Vanves, Paul Bert Serpette, Marché VERNAISON, Les Puces de Saint-Ouen to Clignancourt flea market. Who wouldn’t want to. Whether it be a dream holiday with a girlfriend or you want to revamp your home I’m confident there will be something for everyone. After years of traveling to Paris I feel I have found some wonderful hidden treasures that are not on the usual tourist track. Beautiful Chateau Museums, special boutiques, the best cafes, perfume workshops. The list can be endless. But most important is the huge supply of Antiques, chandeliers and brocante in Paris. I have been told on many occasions Paris is too expensive. For me it’s essential in finding what you want, and if you know who to go to it’s not as expensive as you think. You just don’t come across the same selection in the provinces. You may want to panel your walls like the lovely Parisian apartments or just buy a few key pieces of furniture. Whatever your need I’m confident you will find what you desire at the Paris markets. Knowing where to go and how to bargain for the best prices is key. I will do this for you as well as take you on lots of adventures around Paris, organise your hotel and shipping right to your door. Sharing a container, choosing your own items at dealers prices and having a wonderful holiday in Paris may cost you the same amount as buying your pieces from a shop at home.

If this sounds like you please email me. Groups will be limited to 10 people. 10 to 12 days which includes two weekends at the markets.

Prices and itinerary will be coming soon.


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