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Ever wondered why you are drawn to certain colours or why you suddenlyneed to repaint your living room as the colour  no longer resonates with you.

I have been doing some research as to why this happens. It's interesting looking back to when I have craved certain colours how it was an indication of where I was at during that time.

Here are some colour meanings ...

Red is the colour of fire. It is the colour of the burning, radiant sun, and of life itself. Both love and anger, joy and wrath are associated with this colour. Red is the color with the greatest power of penetration and will strongly stimulate the flow of blood. It is associated with sex and the first chakra in Eastern spiritual traditions. Red makes lazy people more active. Phlegmatic children may be helped by having them do their homework under red light.

Orange is a mixture of red and yellow and is the colour of joy and happiness. It is indicated in cases of discontentment, pessimism, psychosis, depression and fear. However, orange should be alternated with blue when treating people suffering from fear. Short exposure to orange light in the morning will prove to be of help to people who are chronically tired at this time of day. Orange will increase a sense of ambition and promote warm-heartedness. It has a brightening and cheering effect and will lend strength and joy to people who feel disinclined to work.

Yellow symbolizes the sun standing at its zenith, and is one of the hot colours. It promotes digestion, strengthens the nerves, stimulates the stomach and has a brightening and cheering effect in general. All diseases of the digestive tract should be treated with the colour yellow. People who are discontent show a change of facial expression when exposed to yellow light.

Green is the most common color in nature and is regarded as being a neutral factor. It is indicated for bronchial catarrh, whooping cough and inflammations of the joints (in alternation with blue, in the latter case). All chronic diseases respond well to the intermittent use of green light and precision work can be done better under it. It has a balancing effect and will promote feelings of contentment and tranquility. Green is also sedative, soothing and relaxing in its effect. It is one of the strongest colors, along with it's complement Red, in the effect it has being looked at, taken in through the eyes.

Blue - This is the colour of peace and infinity. It is regarded of being a cold colour, and has a relaxing effect. Blue is the color of the pituitary gland and the endocrine system. All diseases involving heat require treatment with blue light. This color is also indicated for complaints involving suppuration, pain, plethora and congestion. Warts disappear under the effect of radiation with blue light. Hyperactive children should do their homework under blue light. This color promotes quietness and reserve.

Violet has always been associated with spirituality and in accordance, it acts on the unconscious, lends the individual spiritual strength and promotes awareness and consciousness. Violet increases the effect of all kinds of meditation and is also regarded as being the color of inspiration. It has a positive effect on the spleen and promotes the functioning of the lymphatic system.

Remember there are no rules. Some of the most beautiful settings in nature are a colour explosion. Follow your intuition and be brave. You will inspire yourself in doing so.

Here are some lovely examples of clever use of colour ...

Blogs that will inspire you.

I'm making the most of this wet weather by searching the internet for more ideas and inspiration and I have come across some amazing blogs. I love to change my home around so often I drive my children mad. I find it inspiring to have a change. Its funny I am reading a book at the moment called The Honeymoon Effect by Bruce Lipton one of my favourite authors. I'm loving every bit of it. I read that when your energy changes you often want to change your home around. I can relate to that. There have been huge changes In my life this year and I now feel I need to redecorate every room. :-)

Here are some inspiring blogs for you to browse through on a rainy day ....

The lovely Claudia form the Paris apartment not only has a beautiful website but has a wonderful blog. I always look forward to one arriving in my emails. She also has just published a new book Paris Flea Market Style

The Better Decorating Bible is a blog full of beautiful homes from Elton Johns Berverly Hills paradise to a Modern French Regency Marie Antoinette Style Apartment.

Rachel Ashwell the woman who created Shabby Chic has a lovely blog full of Shabby Chic ideas. I love looking through The Prairie page at all the gorgeous rooms that you can stay in.

Here are some photos of what I have created from all the inspiration these blogs have given me.

Sweet dreams

My reading nook

Our social space

My darling

This beautiful space is from The Better Decorating Bible

This is my inspiration for my dream project of a barn house that will look like this on the inside.

And so to bed to dream ....

Bring your Vintage piece of furniture back to Life!

A beautiful Vintage piece of furniture doesn’t need to cost a lot. Junk shops, garage sales, inorganic collections and even peoples garages can be key places in finding hidden treasures just waiting to be revamped.

Here I have an example of a piece I found. Its original form and old piece of wooden furniture falling apart.

I wanted it to look like an old piece of French Vintage furniture. Something that would look like a beautiful well loved treasure in my home.

It is not an easy task in achieving this and does take some practice. The key is not give up before the transformation of a work well done.

With this piece I have used a red base. Then two different blues over the top. It is important to let the paint dry properly before applying the next coat. I was rough with my brush strokes which helps to achieve an old look. Rather than rubbing the paint off on this piece I used an old knife to scrape it off.

Once I had achieved the look I wanted I then put a polyurethane over the top. Make sure it is mat, if you use a gloss it will not look old. Apply two coats of this. When it is dry then apply the gold leaf. I used a fast dry enamel gold leaf project paint. You can get this at most hardware shops. I also scraped this with an old knife. Be aware when you are doing this it needs to be in places it would naturally wear.

Handles also play an important role. Make sure they are in keeping with what you are trying to achieve. These can also be sourced in all the places above.

Don’t be afraid to play with this when you start. Good things take time and come with practice. Even if you paint it 10 times it doesn’t matter. Paint can always be removed and sometimes the more you paint it the better it can look!

Experiment with colour. Test pots are great for this and cheap. It can be fun mixing them together to achieve something different.

If you want some more ideas and inspiration check out more photos of my Vintage Furniture

A Unique, Simple and Cheap Way to add Colour to your walls

I once had an old door off an antique piece of French furniture that I loved so much I had it hanging on my wall. There are so many interesting items that look really funky hanging on your wall. An old piece of iron work, an antique balustrade, old screens and vintage wall plaques. Scrap booking paper is also a great way to make a lovely vintage wall hanging. Whenever I go into a shop that sells scrap booking paper I always have a look to see if there is anything interesting. As a result I now have a great collection of vintage wall plaques.

What you will need is … A piece of ply wood cut to the size of your paper. Glue, a clear liquid glue is the best. Black paint. Matt polyurethane.

1 Have your wood cut to the correct size you want 2 Make sure the edges are sanded and smooth. 3 Paint the back and sides of the wood. 4 Drill a small hole in the back at the top in the middle so you can hang it on a nail. Don’t go all the way through, just half way. 5 Spread plenty of glue on to the back of the paper and press on to the wood. A ruler or a damp cloth can be used by sliding it lightly over the paper to remove any bubbles. Allow it to dry well and if any of the edges lift apply more glue. 6 Once it has dried properly paint the paper with a matt polyurethane. This will seal it and keep it place, also allowing you to be able to hang it in a bathroom or kitchen where it may get damp or need cleaning.

Beautiful old pieces of vintage wallpaper are also great to use and can be made in any size.