My journey with Vintage furniture started as a child. My Mother had a love of the old and beautiful. I would explore antique shops with her looking in amazement at all the beautiful pieces and amazing craftsmanship.

Just as a beautiful old building to an amazing tree 100’s of years old should be treasured and saved so should beautiful old pieces of furniture along with old treasures.

Having studied design and establishing a jewellery business my thirst as an artist was still not quenched. I can procrastinate on everything to redecorate my home and play house as I did as a child in my bedroom. I was lucky to have a Mother who gave me freedom to explore my creativity and allowed me to redecorate my bedroom as I wished.

When I was at Versailles standing in Marie Antoinette's bedroom I thought Im having some of this in my home. That beautiful Louis XVI French collectable style, chandeliers and a sumptuous collection of furniture. I don't need to be living in Versailles to have that.

I wanted to bring beautiful eclectic pieces to people and also help them to create a beautiful home.

I decided I should be doing what I love and loving what I do so Vintage Revival was created.

I believe you can create a lovely home no matter what your budget or size of house. I have certainly proved this over the years with both my own home and others.